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Mini Warehouse

   After being in business for 23 years, we decided that either we move files, supplies, and our small inventory to a warehouse or we'd have to move to a warehouse and let the business take over the house.
   So we started looking around for a warehouse and found a developer who was about to start on a small warehouse project here in Boulder City.  It was supposed to be completed in April 2005, but because of the inevitable delays, it is just now being built.  It is supposed to be finished by September.

    They've begun the second story -- you can see the two windows.
Both the smaller doors are ours.  There was only to be one door, but the city decided that there had to be a separate egress from the apartment upstairs.  Which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard since both doors open into the office and the stairs land in the office.  It's nothing more than a second door into the same area. 
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