Every July 4th, we try to have a pool party as we have a great view of the fireworks show from our back yard.  This year we'll be in Santa Fe for the fourth so we decided to have a pool party on Memorial Day.  The day was a little cooler which was better for those of us not swimming, but the water was also a little cooler.  It had been windy the day before and the pool really cooled off. 
    By the late afternoon when everyone came, Steve had the water temperature up to 80 degrees.  At first it seemed "cold" but the kids spent several hours playing, so I guess it wasn't too bad.  We invited Jeff's parents and his sisters and a friend of theirs.  The pool really got a workout!
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Abby discovers that she can see herself in Mom's sunglasses.  She gets right up to the sunglasses and starts saying, "Abby!  Abby!  Abby!"  Then to a squeal of delight she sees..."Papa!  Papa!"  Pretty soon it became her own little window on the world.    

Even though the day was warm, after being in the pool for an hour or so, it was chilly when getting out so the heat of the concrete felt good (for a change). This was me 50 years ago.  Of course there was no "cool deck" in those days, and all of us kids would be splayed out on the concrete around the pool.
  The girls jump off the side into Mom's arms.  Abby decided it was better to "jump" from a sitting position.  But they had fun!    
The calm before the storm