Jimmy Duke's!

    Every June John Stewart plays at Jimmy Duke's house in Lakeside, California.  A hundred or so people attend the concert and find seats in the living room, the stairs, the upper loft and out on the patio which has large windows into the house.  A stage is placed at one end of the living room and large speakers descend (permanently) from the ceiling.  A very good lighting system has also been installed.
    Everyone brings "tapas," drinks, or dessert.  When you arrive, you take your dish inside and then go back outside to mingle on the patio and yard.  "Doors" open at 6:30 for everyone to grab a bite; then the concert starts at 7:30 with an intermission that allows the audience to have dessert.
    We were thrilled that Buffy came and sang with John.  Dave Batti played the bass and John Hoke beat out the rhythm on the drums.  It was a great concert.  John has a good sense of humor and makes comments and observations at every concert.  He'll also talk about past performances and and makes witty insights about the event.
    We flew into Ramona on Friday and drove to Poway, which is a good jumping off place for the San Diego area.  Poway is also home to the Poway Bernardo Mortuary for those of you who watched the reality show Family Plots.  Steve was first to find this show and got hooked.  I enjoyed watching it also.  It's remarkable how you come to care about the people on reality shows.  I know more about their lives than I do some of my relatives.
Photo Gallery  
  This is the Salton Sea. It's a very interesting area with an interesting history.   This is Palm Springs.  Doesn't look like much from the air, does it?

  This is Ramona with the airport in the upper center.   On final to land.
  So the first thing we do is head to Del Mar and a late lunch at Il Fornaio.  That is the Pacific Ocean in the distance.   What is this man doing?  Hiding from the camera... he gets tired of being the subject of my photos.
  We went to this store the last time we were in Del Mar and bought some little wind-up toys for the girls.  The toys are animals who walk, hop or do somersaults.  We had bought two before.  This time we bought six.   We drove up the coast and found a good spot to enjoy the ocean.  I know... this is old stuff to those of you who live on the coast, but we don't get to see it, hear it, smell it, or feel it near enough.
  He couldn't find a napkin to cover his face.  Ha!   Surf's up!
      Hey, dumb bunny, get outta the way!
  Wipe out!   Saturday, we visited Coronado Island (no pictures for some reason), then had lunch at the Fish Market Cafe in San Diego. 
  These pictures were taken through the window at our table.   Later we visited Old Town.  We wanted to go to the restaurant we remembered from years ago with the ladies making fresh tortillas in the window.  We ended up parking a half block down and across the street from it.  Which we didn't know until we'd walked five blocks in the opposite direction before asking someone where it was.
  There was quite a crowd waiting to get in.  Steve asked the hostess if we can just go right into the bar, and she said, "Sure."  So we got in ahead of everyone.   Sunday we visited the Old Poway Park,  They've restored an old steam engine and give rides for $2.  There was also a small museum and an 1800s era house that had been restored.
  Looks like it's sliding off the track, doesn't it?  The ground was flat.  I have no idea why it looks like this.   Sunday night was the concert.  A few years ago Buffy had a tumor removed from behind her left eye.
  I was not able to get a picture that showed Dave and John very well as they were never lit.   We enjoyed listening to Buffy.  She sounds really good and looks great, too.