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Kenya Safari

This was a wonderful three-week vacation



Every year Karen and Kevon join us in Sedona for some hiking, eating, drinking, singing, eating, drinking, biking, eating, drinking...  Well, you get the idea.  We always have a great time.  These pictures are of their 2005 trip.

Karen fixes dinner on our first night.



Grand Kids

Well, what can we say?  The best thing that ever happened to us is our two little angels -- Hailey and Abby.  We can't have a web site without pictures of the grand kids, now can we?

Hailey's page

Abby's page

(They're 8- and 5-years old now -- will update photos any day now.)

Weekend Trips

Santa Fe

Video of our landing in Glenwood Springs on our way to Aspen in 2008. Listen to the words of John Denver's song -- "All of My Memories." It's very poignant.




Everyone should have one significant dream fulfilled -- and this is it for Steve.



These are pictures that are just amusing.  Currently we have the rat and the cat. 



Summer time!

Pool parties, trips to cooler places, new patio furniture, relaxing in the spa under a soft, starry summer night...  Ah, the good life.  But then, it's always good!

Pool party
Jimmy Duke weekend


Winter time!

Snow in Boulder City! A Snow Day for Clark County kids! Here's the video.



It was either us or the 12 filing cabinets, but one of us had to move out.  As we are fond of things like carpeting, windows, beds, we decided it was the filing cabinets that had to go.  So we bought a small warehouse that is currently being built.

(Also finished a couple years ago. Also needs updated photos.) :-(


Bathroom Remodel

We are deep into the misery of remodeling our bathroom.  We don't have any goodBathroom tear-out "before" pictures as, well, someone procrastinated too long on taking pictures.  But you can get an idea of the "before."

(Finished two years ago. Needs updated photos!)

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