Below you will find a link to the Adobe pdf database of all the John Stewart "Weekend Songs" compiled and interpreted by Art Faller, Jan Hauenstein, and Charlie Woodward.

The songs were (and are) posted each week to the Bloodliners bulletin board.

I've compiled them into an Adobe pdf file which contains all the songs to date, and I have bookmarked them.

Once you have downloaded it you can open it with your Adobe Reader.  Once it is opened click on "Bookmarks" and the bookmarks will appear.  From there simply click on the song you wish to look at.

The entire file can be printed out in one key stroke and fits in a 3-inch binder if you print single pages.  I recommend you do that because you can remove the individual pages and place them side by side when you are working on the song.



P.S. - If you have any problems e-mail me at steve@earthriders.us

John Stewart Song Database

Last update February 10, 2008.
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