If you're looking for beautiful oil paintings or framed and matted photos please visit Connie's or Ihla's web sites.  This page is a bit photo intensive so give it a minute or so to completely load -- especially if you have dial-up.


Connie paints in oils and is also a wonderful muralist.  She does both indoor and outdoor murals.  To see her beautiful paintings and murals go to her web site burnettferraro.com.
Here's a sampling of
her portraits


And her landscapes



Ihla captures beautiful photographs from her travels.  She has a website coming soon where you can purchase note cards or framed and matted photos.

Visit her web site at



  She travels the world
                     from deserts...
  to Antarctica.  

Yellow Hedge Hog
      Mojave Desert

Praying Mantis


Wild Burro
    Red Rock Canyon