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Master Bathroom Remodel

Because I'm so good at procrastinating, I didn't get pictures of the bathroom before we moved out of it, but you can still get a good idea of the change.  If I'd been thinking, I would have shot the series of views from the same place each time.  
We moved into a spare bathroom and just left all our stuff in the drawers.  The floor of our bathroom was carpeted, which really wasn't a good idea.   I shot this from a different angle, so here you are looking at the wall that's on the right of the first picture.  One of the mirrors broke when the cabinet was removed, so we'll have to install new mirrors.
The new cabinets have been installed.  They're a clear, light maple.  We had white laminate before.   The floor is finished, but not grouted.  They made a sample of the grout and it came out 2-3 shades lighter than the sample, so I have to pick out another grout color.
  To be continued...
The shower head has been removed.  The four body sprays are still there.   Ick!
The shower floor is mudded in.   The shower tower will go right in the middle between the niches.  This is not grouted either.  Denny will come back and do all the grouting at the same time.  Repair and painting of the walls is next.

To be continued...


This is the other end of the shower.  This bench will not be in the new shower.   I switched perspectives again.  This is the view straight into the shower.  The bench would have been where the vacuum is.
You can see that the bench has been removed.  The corner has been changed to a 45 degree and will have a couple niches in it.   The niches are not real deep.  I'll use them for decorative purposes.
To be continued...    
The steps were also carpeted, but will now be the same tile as the floor -- as will the tub deck.   Have to start looking for some new window coverings.
The color is a bit off in this shot.   Here's a better look at the color of the tile.
    We added the steps to the top of the wall because the tile had to be installed higher than before to accommodate the shower tower.  I'll put live plants on top as I did before.
We put a SunTouch electric heating system under the tile.  It could be used to heat the room, but we'll only use it to keep the tile from being too cold.