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Abby through the years

    Mother and baby.  Aren't they beautiful?
    Helping Papa clean the pool by watering the spa.
Papa went outside and didn't take me!  (Thank you to Karen for this great picture.)   Ask Abby to say "cheese" and this is what you get.
I was talking to Heather, with my camera in my hand, and when I looked down, this is what I saw. Abby never said a word. I don't know how long she stood like this until I looked down.   Abby helped Papa blow up the balloons at her 2nd Birthday party.
The girls prepare for Abby's first flight in Papa's airplane.   The head phones were uncomfortable for Abby until she got used to them. As we were taking off, I happened to glance back in time to see the girls holding hands.
Abby is ready for her 2007 Preschool Easter program.   Abby with her new bike, December 2006
March 2009   The same day in March 2009 when she decided to get up close and personal with the camera -- or maybe she's doing her best alien impersonation.
Last day of Kindergarten 2009   Playing T-Ball, Summer 2009
First day of First Grade, August 2009