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Our Kenya Safari in Pictures

In July 2008 we went on a wonderful three-week safari to Kenya through As You Like It Safaris and Drifter Sister -- Catch the Wind Tours. The trip could not have been better. Vivien Prince of As You Like It Safaris and Ihla Crowley of Drifter Sister took extremely good care of us. The accommodations, the safari vehicles and guides, the beauty of Kenya and the warmth and friendliness of the Kenyan people made for a wonderful and exciting vacation. Here's a link to the itinerary for our fantastic trip.

I am still getting videos and slide shows of our trip posted online, but please enjoy the ones below that I have been able to get done.

I have arranged our slide shows and videos by the lodges at which we stayed, and also by subject. Click on the names below to go to the video player. From there, just click on the right pointing triangle to begin playing the video. I encoded the videos as Flash files. Almost everyone will already have the Flash Player on his or her computer. If you don't, you can go to Adobe here to download the latest version.

For those of you new to our web site, please know that I have been really, really, REALLY bad about updating our other pictures. For example, our grandgirls are now 7- and 5-years old. I promise (heh, heh) to update their pictures, too.

Also, I am learning how to do the slide shows, and some changes need to be made on the first one -- like keeping the pictures with the longer text projected longer, and getting the best color for the captions.

Click the links below to go to the video player.

These slide shows are listed by the lodges we stayed in and are in the order that we visited them.




Lake Nakuru



Still to come, Mara!


These videos and slide shows are listed by subject.

Mamas and Babies

Baby Elephant Orphanage

Hope Streams Academy - See the children

Lion Family - Cubs playing, Adults arguing

Lefty the Elephant

Sleeping Lions

Still to come are Dancing with the Samburu People, Masai Dances, Curio Shops, The Coriolis Effect at the Equator, Animal Hitchhikers, Kissing Giraffe, People, Riding in Safari Vehicles, and more ...