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Welcome to our web site.  We're happy to have you join us.  Please come in and look around..  This web site is intended to be a mishmash of things and people that we find interesting.  So it will grow and change over time.  Check back often and if you'd like to make comments or suggestions, please feel free to email us.

This is our beautiful Lake Mead.  If it wasn't for this lake, Steve and I would never have met.

Steve came to the lake in 1976 as a ranger with the National Park Service.  One Spring day in 1977, I decided to get out of the house and go on a hike at the lake.  I thought the ranger leading the hike was pretty cute, so I struck up a conversation.  Now 44 years later I am still striking up conversations with him (and I still think he's pretty cute!).   The whole story...


In 2005 we took a trip to Santa Fe. From there we made a little side trip through Abiquiu and Chama, then back to Santa Fe. Here's a video of some of our stops along the way.

Our Comics page

I have done this. Too many words that are too small -- move on!

It's not only fun time in the summertime but all year 'round! We invite our friends to view our photo albums.
Please join us
    This is Ihla and Connie, our good friends -- and excellent artists. 
   Click on their picture to see some of their work and links to their web sites where you can buy wonderful gifts for yourself and others.
Who's this singing with John Stewart and Nick Reynolds of the Kingston Trio?  It's our Steve living out a dream at Fantasy Camp V in Scottsdale, Arizona, August 2004. Watch this performance on YouTube!    


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John Stewart Poster
If you want to learn more about this great
experience visit our Fantasy Camp page. 


Steve's latest. Click to see a larger photo.
McPherson 12-string. No. 4 off the line.
Poster from original oil painting of John Stewart
by Jerry Blank. 24"x36"
Click here for larger view.
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